Free Hosting made 

Websites for everyone!

But wait, What is hosting?

In simple words, Hosting is keeping your website files on a computer that runs 24/7 and is connected to internet all the time.

Please watch this YouTube video by GoDaddy to get even more idea on what web hosting is as videos tend to give more information than simple text.

Is it really Free?

Yep, this isn't a trial or a demo. It's 100% free forever.

Why is it free?

Not everyone can afford expensive web hosting/VPS to host a website for hobby or blogging uses. And so that everyone can get an opportunity to run websites we made it free!

How much space and bandwidth do I get?

You get Unlimited Storage and bandwidth for your website.

How many websites can I add?

You can add 9999 new domains and 9999 sub-domains per domain.

Do I get MySQL databases?

Yes, you do get MySQL Databases.

How many databases can I make?

You can make 999 MySQL databases for your websites.

Will you show ads on my site?

No, we never modify or take a look at your website code.

Do you provide SSL/TLS for my domain?

Yes, you can install custom SSL for your domain. Generate one for free here.

Is there a CDN service on your hosting?

Yes, we have partnered with cloudflare to provide free CDN service and activate it on just the click of few buttons.

Is there a Control Panel for managing my domain?

Yes, there is a full blown cPanel based control panel to manage your domain. Login here.

Do you provide FTP Access?

Yes, we do provide FTP Access for your websites.

What more features are there?

Get Creative

make your own websites or use any website builder and upload HTML/PHP files.

90% Uptime

Our servers are hosted on a huge server cluster.

100% Free

Our hosting service is 100% free forever, no need to spend even a single penny.

Free CDN

Free CDN service for your website.

Servers all over world

Our server cluster is located in all main cities of world.

Free MySQL Database 

Create 999 MySQL databases.

PHP Config

You can alter your PHP Configuration from Control Panel itself!

Add a lot of domain names!

You can add up to 9999 domain names. 

Rocket Fast Servers

Our Servers are equipped with Intel Xeon CPU and SSD storage so, your website will always be the fastest.

One Click Installer

Our Control Panel has one click softaculous Installer that automatically installs your desired app and makes the database. 

Free Control Panel

Our hosting has a free control panel to manage everything!

Free Sub-domain provided

You are provided with a lot of sub-domains to run your test app or just to find server main IP Address!


Our Control Panel provides you with each and every detail on bandwith usage, storage, and Daily website hits!

Error Logs

We provide you with RAW Error logs or Downloadable error logs incase something goes wrong with your website.

Ticket Support

We may provide ticket support for your website incase something goes wrong.

FTP Access

We provide you with FTP account to access your website files.

IP Deny Manager

bad visitors on your website? You can block visitors by IP Address.

Cron Jobs

You can add your cron jobs using our free Panel!


We, by default install a self-signed certificate on your domains.

ioncube loader Support!

We support ioncube loader so that you can run protected codes.

...& more!

These are just the glimpses of what we provide! You can view all features by signing up now. OR continue scrolling the page for more information!

It's all Free? What's the catch?

Our hosting services are provided by iFastnet, an independent web hosting company in UK which provides cloud hosting services. Using small small amount from paying users, they maintain the Free Hosting servers. Our server Software also actively monitors the resource usage for each accounts so that one site doesn't hog up all the server resources. If your website has spike in traffic, you will have an option to either move to different web hosting company or, you may upgrade to one of iFastnet's Cheapest Premium plans which will have greater processing power for heavy websites.

Why should I choose you?

It totally depends upon you if you should choose us or not as we provide free hosting services for everyone to use. We just make it convenient and easy to use and manage the website.

Are there any free Alternatives?

Yes, there are many free web hosting providers which have their own pros and cons. But they may not have fast servers or features like ours. Below is a list of alternative providers to ours: is the similar alternative to ours! provides free web hosting for single website with 300mb storage and 3 GB bandwidth. provides free web hosting 250mb storage, 6gb bandwidth, and 5 addon domain. provides free 1GB hosting/wordpress hosting.

No list will be completed without They have a great community forum and panel to manage you websites. provides you with free website builder, 500mb storage, and bandwidth up to 500mb. The down sides of using wix is that you can't connect your custom domain and there are ads on free plan. provides free unlimited bandwidth and storage to host your website on. provides free 5gb web storage and 20 gb bandwidth transfer limit. provides free 100mb storage, 3Gb monthly traffic and 1 hosted website. provides 1gb file storage, 5gb bandwidth, etc on its free hosting plan. provides you with 10gb storage, 1 MySQL Database, Unmetered Bandwidt, 1 hosted website, etc for free. 

Google Firebase

Google Firebase allows you to host a free static website with 10gb bandwith, and 1 gb free storage.

All these hosting providers are the tip of the iceberg. There may be a lot of web hosting companies and there will be as ifastnet provides free reseller hosting (even we are from them). But free things will not always be reliable. If you have a business website or commercial website with high traffic, please don't choose free web hosting providers. You never know when they will go down and will almost never have backups.